Explain the Market is proud to be one of the most trusted and reliable thought leadership agencies. Our insights are regularly used to explain market developments across the world's most prestigious media channels. Too often thought leadership can lack impact. Brands end up telling stories with data that lack rigour, vibrancy and reach. Explain the Market is different.

Our analytical expertise is based on over 20 years leading market analysis for some of the world's biggest companies.Research expertise is based leading some of the largest and most complex projects ever done in both qualitative and quantitative research. When it comes to writing and broadcasting we offer much more than just good copy writing. Our experience is based on actually writing and broadcasting for the world's biggest and most prestigious media titles. This also provides a trusted network that adds an instant boost to your PR KPIs.

We have chosen Explain the Market for their fresh thinking, robust insight and truly international media impact
— Global Offering Manager, IBM


Explain the Market offers the full range of market research services. Our experience of directing research programmes covers qualitative and quantitative methods. The team has experience of delivering large and complex market research projects across every continent on the planet.

Public Relations

Over the last 12 months our research and analysis has been communicated to over 50 million people world-wide. Our integral relationships with the worlds biggest media organisations means our team can help brands create long-lasting and positive connections with people.