Reverse The Formula For TV Charity Events

In both the UK and US TV charity events help raise millions for good causes. Any money going towards helping people in need is an excellent thing.

I usually make a small donation. I also sometimes help out by getting my own hands dirty – but if I’m really honest with myself, it’s not nearly as much as I could do.

So clearly I am a very long way from perfect and have no right to lecture anyone else

The suggestion I want to make though is that we reverse the formula for TV charity events. I’d like to see ‘celebs’ giving money anonymously while normal people enjoy TV coverage.

Currently those who have lots of money and already enjoy the commercial benefits of TV coverage get more TV coverage – while people with less money are encouraged to hand it over.

I think that needs looking at honestly and courageously because it feels wrong.

People will tell me that we shouldn’t upset the apple cart because existing ‘infrastructure’ is working well but I think to use that as a blanket excuse is a little bit dishonest.